Use only what works, get rid of the rest


The root cause of your weight gain and how to eliminate it without shakes, pills, powders, workouts or gimmicks

Uncommon Sense

Why what you've been told doesn't work (the fuel vs the engine)

Weight loss isn’t magic, it’s about sending the body the right signals

There are only two things that matter for long-term health and weight loss:

Send the body all the right signals and stop sending it the wrong signals.

Our body knows how to be healthy and slim, we just need to give it what it needs.

Everything You Need To Finally Get Full Control of Your Health

Very High Success Rate

Our clients are very likely to achieve their dream bodies, not just "realistic" ones.

Lifetime Support

No more yo-yo dieting. Our clients call this "The last program I'll ever need."

Easy, Delicious Recipes

Never feel restricted again. We provide 100's of recipes that are delicious, satisfying and take only minutes to prepare.

Coaching & Accountability

You'll have unlimited access and personal coaching calls with me the Founder of NTX, I'll be your own personal success coach to make sure you succeed.

No More Cravings

No more cravings makes following a new lifestyle effortless. No more will power needed to succeed.

Improved Sleep

Wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day by getting consistent restful sleep.

Lifetime Education & Training

Leave confusion and overwhelm behind and get empowered with the information and tools to be successful lifelong.

Boundless Energy

Don't just "get through the day". Thrive everyday, with the energy to do the things you love, and play with your kids and grandkids.

No Counting Calories or Going Hungry

You'll never count calories (or macros or points) and you'll never be fact if you are hungry you're doing it wrong!